Slit Lamps - Haag

A selection of New Slit Lamps - Haag type available including Our own Opticial Marketplace OMPSL- 40 Slit Lamp, OMPSL-16 Slit Lamp plus others from Rodenstock RO3000 SLit Lamp and Takagi Seiko SM-90N Zoom Slit Lamp. We also have a number available in Used Equipment - Slit Lamps

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Slit lamp upto 40X mag Slit lamp upto 40X mag Price: £2,095.00 OMPSL- 40 Slit Lamp OMPSL- 40 Slit Lamp Price: £2,195.00 SM - 90N Zoom Slit Lamp SM - 90N Zoom Slit Lamp Price: £5,230.00

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