Maddox Wing Test


Reference: OMP2520

Maddox Wing Test

The Maddox Wing Test is robustly constructed and provides a quick and efficient near test. Heterophoria, horizontal and vertical deviations, and the cyclophoria are made without change of position being indicated on the one chart.

The visual field is divided into two sections, allowing the right eye to see only the white and red arrows, whilst the left eye sees only the horizontal and vertical rows of figures.

The two fields move tangentially in directions of the eyes which see them. The horizontal deviations are recorded by the white arrow pointing to the white figures and the vertical deviations by the red arrow pointing to the red figures.

For cyclophoria, slide the arrow which overlaps the edge of the chart, until it appears parallel with the white line above. Should the arrow record above zero, the scale indicates the amount of incyclophoria, or below zero, the amount of ex-cyclophoria.

The handle conveniently folds flat against the unit.


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OMP2520 Maddox Wing Test N/A £138.00

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