N.P Rule


Reference: OMP2608

N.P Rule

Near Point & Working Distance Measure

This rule is a compact and convenient tool for measuring all aspects of near vision, useful for ascertaining objective and subjective convergence points, accommodation and determining the master eye.  It is designed with a 7.5m tape measure as a vehicle, therfore lending itself neatly to the dual purpose role for Sports Vision Screening.

This Near Point Rule is designed primarily for use in sports vision where it is necessary to measure out working distances prior to testing for a number of aspects in Sports vision screening.

Scales allow you to ascertian accommodation in doptres or in millimeters.  Further scales show an age and convergence guide. The tape also has a locking feature

Reference: Description: Option: Unit Price: Quantity:
OMP2608 N.P Rule N/A £109.00

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