Soldering unit 06050


Reference: OMP2360

Micro-soldering for optical and jewellery.

  • Hydrogen is generated by electrolysis (split water system)
  • Incorporates safety features
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Ready for use in less than 1 minute.

Complete with:

  1. Soldering set comprising of tweezers, third hand table, solder wire, powder borax flux 100 gr., 3 solder rods with flux core, Fluoron surface preparation and heat-shielding paste.
  2. Sodering tips 0.7-0.8-0.9 mm
  3. Boric acid solution
  4. Caustic solution electrolyte.

Size 280x235x290mm
Weight 14kg

Reference: Description: Option: Unit Price: Quantity:
OMP2360 Soldering unit 06050 N/A £2,195.00

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